space cadets

It is hard to believe this kook is back, and with something even more absurd than his previous absurdities. Check out the 305 page thread on this weirdo. The thread, “Couple cruise for 1,000 days” is now unlocked, should you wish to comment!

Mars Ocean Analogs, led by boating adventurer Reid Stowe, completed its first mission Wednesday when the 70-foot schooner Anne and its eight-person crew sailed into the Palm Beach Inlet after 17 days at sea starting from Wilmington, N.C.

It is the first of what Stowe hopes will be many ventures made to further psychological knowledge needed to get humans to Mars. The reasoning goes that astronauts must develop specialized mental skills to deal with what in all likelihood will be a grueling trip to get to Mars and back, Stowe said. He thinks the similarities between seafaring and space exploration are numerous.

“Put (astronauts) at a small boat at sea, six of them that are going to go, and they will learn things about each other while they’re surviving in those conditions,” Stowe said. “And that’s what we’re offering with our Mars Ocean Analogs.”

Read on thanks to The Palm Beach Post.  Photo by Thomas Cordy/palmbeachpost.com.