fish story

We’ve all heard about Boris Hermann and the fishing boat, right? Here’s the view from the fishing boat.

When Josu Zaldunbide returned from the office, he did so with a hit in his company vehicle. He is the patron of a fishing vessel, the Hermanos Busto, and he returned this Saturday to Ondarroa, the port where he had to unload the hake that he had been fishing for weeks in the Gulf of Bizkaia.

His boat, longline fishing 80 miles off the French coast, with thousands of hooks thrown into the sea, saw a sailboat approach its stern at full speed. “He did not have time for anything. It was half past eight on Wednesday night, we had all the position lights on. It was an approach ”, remembers the Basque skipper, 55 years old; “It gave us an impression of shock.”

Perplexed, Zaldunbide and the other fishermen accompanying him on the boat approached his port side, which had stopped the sailboat in its tracks. “The tails of the candles had been caught with our lights,” he explains. After the blow, a person came out of the cabin from the other boat, tore off the lights, got rid of the hitch and continued on its course. Read on.