american tragic

Well, race No. 3 wasn’t as disastrous as yesterday’s debacle, but American Tragic got their hats handed to them again by Luna Rossa. The picture above is the view that LR never sees…

Higher, smoother, and almost always faster, LR has very clearly gotten better (10% better?), while AT appears worse than ever. By my account, the only way AT beats LR in race No.4 is to get them to foul at the start.

Bring on race 4.

Scratch that last sentence. The start of race No. 4 was breathtaking in the starting line stupor of Dean Barker. It was almost beyond believe to see him blow four straight starts, and not by a little. A lot. Wow.

Not that the outcome of this race, nor the series was in doubt, AT then had an issue working their boards and that was that.  Electronic issues appeared to be the final blow. So much promise early on, and yet to end up here.

What a horribly disappointing series for the yanks. Ouch.