semi indeed

Watching the first match of the day in the semi finals of the Prada Cup and you just have to wonder what in the hell is up with American Magic. They got destroyed by Luna Rossa at the start, were not fast, had an unforced error and got pounded by nearly 3 minutes.

Sandbagging? I dont think so. Sure, it is their first race back after their colossal fuck up last race, and perhaps feeling things out, but this is just embarrassing. Speaking of embarrassing, the “Oh aren’t they doing so well just to be here” fawning over AM by Read and the other dude is getting old.

Aren’t they the best of ‘Murica? Then just getting to the race course ain’t gonna cut it. They better show up for the next race…

The start of race two was another study in lameness for American Magic. Dean Barker looks lost and he starts that way, being well behind at the start once again. Given all the talent to choose from, one has to wonder why Barker was given the helm.

And once again, Luna Rossa is just sailing away. Baring disaster for LR, this race will be another disaster for AM. And you can kiss their AC effort goodbye.

There was no disaster, and LR wins with over a 3,000 meter lead!  AM looks weak, soft and thoroughly defeated. It is almost impossible to see how they come back from this.