this kind of bs kills the sport

In Sydney down under, I have been warned by a competitor that I will be protested if I do not remove a class insignia from an old mainsail on my 89 year old classic yacht. They inform me that because the yacht does not have a valid class measurement certificate that I therefore have an “illegal” sail number by having that class insignia. I have told them that when a new main arrives, it will only have a sail number on it, but that I won’t change it or cover up the insignia until then. This yacht has been sailing with this mainsail in Melbourne and Sydney for many years.

Note my entry in the regatta is with the sail number only, not class-sail number. She is not described in the entry system as a “class” yacht. It is a performance¬†handicap race, there are no class divisions whatsoever.

Reading Appendix G I do not see anywhere any words that prohibit such a situation. The General SIs for the host club merely say that the yacht must show the sail numbers on the Entry form. It is not a class race, so any measurement issue does not come into play.

So does anyone have experience of such a situation? Should I be concerned, or if I am protested see it as a learning experience? I would also note I spent years helming Gretel II, who [proudly flies a 12 on her mainsail, but would in no way  measure in as a 12metre now.

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