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Local Knowledge

Most people outside of San Diego – hell most people in San Diego – don’t realize that the little paper club that could, the Cortez Racing Association,  runs the vast majority of PHRF races here. In fact if not for them, the PHRF scene here (such as it is) would be bleak. SDYC runs just a handful of PHRF and ORR variants like The Hot Rum Series, Yachting Cup and The New Year’s Day Race, and Southwestern YC runs a couple of “offshore” regattas, SD to Ensenada, and the Cabrillo Series,, etc.

But it is CRA who does the lion’s share and they deserve a shout out for their dedication to PHRF racing. I think they have over 30 individual races scheduled for 2021, and on Anarchy V, we are going to try to do as many of them as we can. For our types of boats, it is what we have and frankly, I feel like we are lucky to have it at all. It is worth noting in the early Days of Covid – 19, they were the first to get a semblance of racing by starting “Household Members only” bay racing. It was a lifeline to so many of us who were jonesing badly!

San Diego has an interesting feature in that the bay proper is huge with a lot of channel markers as natural marks, so it offers a lot of different courses within, and that is where we do most of the CRA racing.  Those who do it, know it is challenging and fun racing. (The South Bay of San Diego  south of the Coronado Bridge – actually offers the best flat water sailing in this entire area, but it is fairly remote for most boats, and we are lucky if there are a couple regattas for us).

To show their determination of running these races. they held their Winter Regatta  with 40 boats entered this past Saturday, and unlike past “winter regattas” in SD, we actually had a bit of weather in the form of a fair amount of rain. So at the completion of the first of two scheduled races, in which it rained and then proceeded to pour for what turned out to be at least an hour after, we were sailing around waiting for race #2 and I saw little reason for the fleet to sail another race in the pouring rain.

Being me, we sailed past the RC boat and I voiced my concerns. They suggested we could do whatever we want, but indeed they were going to hold the second race. So we milled about while I muttered, but given that we had won the first race, I sure as hell wasn’t going to leave the potential regatta win on the table, so we waited and did it.

Keep in mind, the race committee boat wasn’t some nice power boat, it was a Catalina 34 (I think) that offered minimal protection for the race committee as it poured, and pour it did. If anyone had a right to cancel the regatta after one race, it was them, but no chance! Proving prescient, when they started the second race, the rain stopped, the clouds turned puffy  white and beautiful, the sun came out and we had a fun little short upwind/downwind/finish race. Hell, there was even an impressive rainbow at the end of the day.

As we finished next to the RC boat in that race (we came from behind to win it), I started to thank them for being right and they good naturedly (i think?) gave me grief for being such a whiner – it was hilarious and perfect, and well-deserved!

So again, thanks to CRA for everything you do, and I hope you know how much the team on Anarchy V appreciates y’all. –  And of course that’s me complaining in the rain above! – ed.