change your mind

Big Pimpin'

Like many previous advances progress towards greener boatbuilding requires changing the established mindset

The quest to go green continues to gather momentum. From construction to propulsion, the incentive to look for alternative ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our sport is spreading rapidly and discussions around more eco-friendly construction techniques are also gathering pace. However, the underlying development of green epoxies is not new. Composite experts Gougeon Brothers Inc, with whom Wessex Resins formulate and manufacture various products under license, have been working in this field for some time.

‘We have a very well established bio brand, Entropy Resins, which has been around in the US and Europe for roughly about nine years,’ explains Wessex Resins’ sales director Dave Johnson. ‘It was developed by two scientists who were also surfers and what struck them was that the majority of surfboards were being made out of polyester resin and would have a limited lifespan. There was little they could do to recycle them either. Read on.