barn find

Wow, this is one hell of a story! I might be trippin’, but I think Fantasia was in San Diego back in the day…

I recently found an 1973 Etchells 46 in a barn near London, Ontario, Canada. Please see the attached pictures taken just after the boat was pulled from the barn. Yes, the deep fin lead keel is not on the boat. The boat is sitting on it’s F/G hull keel stub on the trailer to reduce the over the highway¬†load height. Note that the bottom tip of the skeg hung rudder is touching the grass in the pasture.

The Etchells 46 was designed by Skip Etchells and built by Tillotson-Pearson Inc. It appears that only two Etchells 46’s were ever built. The first one was built for Everett Pearson about 1971 for use as his personal boat. Everett Pearson named his boat FANTASIA. Everett Pearson probably sailed his boat called FANTASIA in races around Boston and possibly on Newport to Bermuda races and the SORC. The second Etchells 46 built is the one that I found in the barn.

Tillotson-Pearson Inc. might have also called the Etchells 46, a Fantasia 46 or a Tillotson-Pearson 46.

The Etchells 46 that I found, was stored in the barn for approximately 30 years. It is complete with all of the spars and rigging. The history of the boat is unknown. I have hauled it to Bayfield, Ontario on Lake Huron. I am planning on refitting the boat and sailing it on the Great Lakes. Although the boat’s hull appears to be black in the pictures, it is actually a very dark blue.

This second Etchells 46 is the same as the first boat built, Everett Pearson’s FANTASIA, with the following factory modifications, an IOR type bustle was incorporated at the rudder post and there is no companionway in the cockpit. In addition, entry to the boat is though a midships sliding hatch down a ladder over the midships engine box. A full suite of Barient 20, 26, 32 and 35 winches are on deck, similar to boats of the early 1970’s. I am calling the boat that I found in the barn “MYSTERY” because I do not know any of her history. Read on.