Great post in our Sailing Anarchy Forums, brought to you by Marlow Ropes. Maybe his first mistake was buying a Farr 40? Just sayin’!

Here on the Great Lakes, our two biggest events of the year (well, to me) are switching to ORC.

Previously scored under ORR, I’m left to wonder what the process looks like to make sure my boat is properly measured / optimized within reason, as my Farr 400 seemed to rate very poorly under the ORR rule.  Boats that I rate similarly to in PHRF I now owed much time to under the ORR.

I am  unconvinced that the stability measurement pictured below, could yield believable / reliable data points.   various size jugs of water, supported by spinnaker poles of varying length holding the jugs at varying heights.  Is this what the ORR/ IMS / ORC  relies on ?

Do I need to be re-measured again (its like $1,000 if I recall correctly) to ensure i’m getting a fair shake, and does the process pictured below seem reasonable ? Drop in and discuss.