yanks tumble

I watched the races on NBCSN tonight and good lord is this a whole different round. I don’t know if “American Magic” can sail any worse. Off the foils at both starts, and behind early, they looked slow, not particularly well-sailed and ultimately pounded by both Prada and the Frackers. Speaking of which, it is almost hard to believe how fast they are now!! Ben is sailing extremely well and damn if they aren’t undefeated after 3 races, while AM is 0’fer.

Prada looked good in their only race, setting up a showdown with the Brits tomorrow.  As f0r as the show, the course is a bit odd and sometimes it is hard to tell if they are going upwind or downwind!

The broadcast had one huge annoyance that I cannot believe some producer didn’t fix immediately: They kept the radios from the boats up nearly the entire races, making it difficult to hear the announcers. What in the hell were they thinking? Since those dopes don’t seem to know, let me tell you how to do it: The announcers talk and when they have a moment, stop and we listen to the radio. Then turn the god damn radios off and let the announcers talk. Speaking of which, Ken Read is doing a good job, and Nathan Outteridge provides excellent observations, Shirley Robertson is okay, but whoever the other wank is shouldn’t even be there.

It is compelling sport and as semi-ridiculous as the boats are, they do hold one’s attention. – ed.