speaking of retro…

By now most of you have seen some of our Retro Boat videos, an idea that popped into my addled brain and has become something that we are quite proud of. Based on viewers comments, y’all seem to like them too!

We’ve now done 26 of them, (which is kind of hard to believe) and not only do we want to keep doing them, we’d like to eventually expand by traveling to various areas, covering amazing boats to share (as soon as Covid-19 is brought to it’s knees).

The truth of these videos is that they are quite expensive to produce. The incredible shooting, editing and producing by the boys from Nobleman Productions doesn’t just happen – a ton of work goes into them. And the end product is really quite good!

Reality dictates that in order to keep these videos going, we need funding. Rather than leaning on corporate sponsorship, we are reaching out to the community to ask for a small monthly contribution – as little as $3 bucks – to keep these videos coming. We are using Patreon as a way of doing this, and somewhat uncomfortably,  if you like them, we ask you to help support the Retro videos.

In typical Sailing Anarchy fashion, nobody is doing anything like these retro videos, and certainly not at this high production value, and we hope they are worth your consideration. If you can, please click here to help a couple brothers out!

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