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I’ve looked through old threads on Drifters and didn’t really find a consensus on preference for Drifters to be set flying or on a stay (fixed or temporary).

I reached out to my local North loft (Vancouver) for a drifter for both cruising and single/double handed racing my C&C 29mk2. My original thought was that this would be a flying Nylon (or other spinnaker material) sail that I could tack to my anchor roller and hoist on my Spin Halyard so I could quickly peel between it and my 135% Dacron Genoa shorthanded.

North came back saying they can make me a cross-cut ~1oz Single-sided Mylar w/Taffeta drifter in our local loft for $950 CAD and they’ve sold a few dozen locally. They told me they could put a spectra line in the luff to make it free flying but typically people are putting them on their forestays.

I see some pro’s and con’s of both options and I’m wondering what people’s experiences are. Free-flying lets me peel effectively by furling/unfurling the genoa but would sacrifice upwind performance and the ability to tack. Hoisting on the forestay would allow me to tack and point more effectively but I would need to setup without furling and/or drop the genoa to raise this sail on the jib halyard; losing any momentum I may have. It would also allow me to hoist the kite with the drifter up. I haven’t got a second jib halyard for peels but it’s something I’m looking into.

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