honda civic

Your story of the Capri reminds me of my boat. I own a unique O’Day 34. It was built for Jim Hunt who was running O’Day at the time. My boat is built differently than all the other O’Day 34s. (There was one other but she was sunk by a barge) It has a cored hull, no deck liner, a completely different keel drawing 6’6”, and a much larger rig. She has a reputation on Long Island Sound.

The boat is older, has been raced hard it’s whole life, has wet core all over but I don’t care. I’ve slowly been fixing her back up in the year I’ve owned her so far with pretty limited funds. (I quit my job to pursue a passion for boats) I just love blowing by much newer boats and people saying, what the hell is up with that O’Day 34 and why is she so fast! We call her a souped up Honda Civic. – Anarchist Marc.