it ain’t easy

You think it’s easy to win the virtual Sydney to Hobart? Think again, buster.

In a tightly fought race The Boxing Kangaroos, an international team of virtual yacht racers, beat 549 teams in The Sydney Hobart late Monday night claiming first place in the Team standings in the Sydney Hobart Virtual Yacht Race 2020.

The individual race was won by taberly-TPN a racer belonging to the eminent TPN team from France. In close second place came Boxing Kangaroo Gareth West from Perth, WA in his boat BigBalls. The real Sydney Hobart was not sailed this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, 165,885 boats participated in the virtual race.

The Boxing Kangaroos had 10 boats place in the top 60 and 12 boats place in the top 100 standings. 38 Boxing Kangaroos boats sailed in the race.

“This was a well-planned, brilliantly executed team victory that sends a strong message to all other teams that The Boxing Kangaroos mean business”, said West.

Virtual yacht racing has seen a surge in popularity since the onset of the pandemic with many sailors unable to get out on the water, but able to fulfill their desire for competitive yacht racing in a virtual sense.

“We are a close knit team of international racers from around the world. Our internal team communications systems and an attitude of intense competition with each other along with open sharing of weather analysis, race strategy and tactics give us a winning edge” added West.

The Boxing Kangaroos are a young, growing team and welcome applications from anyone to join our team or our fan club. Sponsorship enquiries are also welcome.