bring it home baby

Both the stories and the sailors… powerful and reliable comms has never been so important as in the era of the oceanic ‘speedboat’

Following an ocean race from the comfort of home, watching live video from yachts speeding through the Roaring Forties, you might assume they all have the same ability to keep in touch with the rest of the world.

‘That’s not always the case,’ says Nick Moloney, who has been relying on connectivity in the world’s most remote oceans since the 1997 Whitbread Race. ‘During the last edition of The Ocean Race, the home viewer experienced a connection to offshore yacht racing like never before.

This was delivered by the event partner Inmarsat, and the systems and hardware were exactly the same from boat to boat. That event-sponsor partnership established a whole new benchmark of what is achievable in regards to connectivity and content transmission from the most remote parts of our oceans.’

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