dumb and irresponsible

Wow, what a shock. Imagine that, a bunch of yacht club trumptards get together, and emulating their fat orange criminal Dear Leader,  socialize while ignoring every Covid-19 protocol. Does it surprise you that many of those people caught the virus? Of course the idiots act like they have no idea how they caught it, and not one word of “maybe dining, dancing and drinking indoors wasn’t such a great idea.” True Covidiots. The Dotard would be so proud.

Yes, we know that Mississippi is one of the dumb southern states, but JFC, what is wrong with you people? Hell, even one of their own members had this to say about another planned super spreader meeting:

Congress can not get laws passed limiting Covid litigation because of ignorance. GYA needs to move the WINTER MEETING to Virtual. Hosting a super spreader GYA Winter meeting and dinner At the height of a pandemic is just plain irresponsible. Get with the times GYA. Every life matters. Put the meetings on ZOOM. I’m not some WOKE left wing nut job either. Just an average Joe with some common sense. Move the meeting to virtual now.

It was a busy pre-Christmas weekend at the Biloxi Yacht Club. The annual Commodore’s Ball on Saturday, Dec. 12, was an evening of dinner and dancing, cocktail attire requested. On Sunday, Santa and Mrs. Claus visited the club to meet members’ grandkids, nieces and nephews.

Then came a typical week of events, including a meeting of the Marina Committee on Tuesday afternoon, a board meeting on Wednesday, and games of trivia and meals with friends in between.

A week later, around 10 members of the club have tested positive for COVID-19, including most of the members of the Marina Committee. Jay Lee, who holds the position of incoming commodore, or leader of the club, said the club had been shut down since Saturday because of the spread of cases. Read on.