your nemesis

Big Pimpin'

Welcome the B&G Nemesis, the first in a new line of ultra-friendly B&G hardware for racing or cruising. What make Nemesis extraordinary is the new-from-scratch user interface, which acts more like a giant smartphone.  Nemesis is easy to customize and navigate via the touch screen, or address/setup/control each display via the H5000 web interface OR Apple Watch!  These pictures don’t do it justice.  N2k & Ethernet including IP cams.  Pre-orders accepted now from Farallon Electronics, delivery in January. Click here for more info.

Also introducing the Nemesis Micro Hub.  This product connects 2x, 3x or 4x Nemesis in a compact waterproof package. The 2x Micro measures 4” x 1.75” x 1” tall (lower profile than the connectors on the Nemesis).  Suitable for mast pod mounting.