good vibrations

Anarchist Noodle sets a nice vibe about a pretty righteous endeavor. Sit back, take a nice deep breath, and pretend you are him tonight…

This afternoon, while whale watching off Oahu’s windward coast, we crossed tacks with singlehanded sailor Keith Leitzke aboard his highly modified Cal-20 “Magic”. Keith had departed Kaneohe Yacht Club a few hours earlier on a non-stop voyage to New Zealand and back.

I know what you are thinking, “yea, right….”, but there you might be mistaken. This will be Keith’s third round trip voyage to nowhere aboard “Magic” in the past two years. He made it to within 150 miles of Alaska on his first four month long voyage and 100 miles from the Galapagos Islands on his second before turning around and returning to Hawaii. With no intention or desire to stop anywhere, Keith expects to sail back into Kaneohe Bay in six months or so.