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This should be a fun discussion!

Took the plunge, it’s finally happening! Applied to R2AK and have been accepted conditionally, even though I don’t know what boat I’ll have for the race. Apparently I’m not supposed to get an El Toro :P, and I *am* supposed to tell them ASAP.

I’ll be in Vancouver BC by the 11th of March at the very latest, and I’m wondering if anyone anywhere in lower mainland has a boat for sale. Seen two Folkboats and a Ranger 20 sell so far. Ideally I’d like to get something in that range: Cal 20, Folkboat, Contessa 26 etc. Thinking sturdy, small, simple, easy to handle.  This will be a solo attempt at R2AK.

Budget is up to 20K Cad at the very highest end, but I’m not looking for anything too huge, gotta be able to pedal/row it.  If anyone has anything to suggest, or a listing for a boat somewhere on craiglist, I would really appreciate any help at all!

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