give me a fast one

“In a storm at sea no one on board can wish the ship to sink, and yet not unfrequently all go down together because too many will direct and no single mind can be allowed to control.”

Oscar Wilde – On being asked, after crossing it, his impressions of the Atlantic (1882)

“It was disappointing.”

Walter Reeks– The Illustrated Sydney News (1888)

“No matter how many generations intervene, there will be found true love of ocean joys, and the keen spirit of rivalry and competition. In such sources lies the secret of the popularity of yachting and sailing. So it was of yore, so it always has been, and so it will continue wherever can be traced one drop of the old bold blood.” – 

Sir Thomas Liptonafter Shamrock III lost 0-3 to Reliance (1903)

“They tell me I have a beautiful boat. I don’t want a beautiful boat. What I want is a boat to lift the Cup. Give me a homely boat, the homeliest boat that was ever designed, if she is as fast as Reliance.”