the wind started to build…

Don’t let the Russian asset-traitor know about this, he’ll kill it

The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded $21 million to three offshore wind technology demonstration projects, including a study to develop a large floating offshore wind platform.

Houston-based engineering consultancy Atkins will develop a full-scale design of a floating offshore wind platform capable of supporting a 10-plus megawatt class turbine, the economical size deployed in most offshore wind developments. The funding will support scale model testing and simulation using methods developed for oil and gas floating production facilities.

Over the years, Atkins has been involved in more than half a dozen floating wind projects, including WindFloatHywindKincardin and Hexicon. The DOE-backed research project is specifically aimed at installation and commercial grid connection at Shell’s Mayflower Wind lease area off the coast of Massachusetts. Read on.