Big Pimpin'

The disruptions of 2020 have only increased the opportunities, appetite and scope for the brilliant young Italian engineers at UBI Maior to dream up ever more seductive ways to speed up your yacht…

The global pandemic has stopped or slowed many manufacturers in many industries, but not the team at UBI Maior Italia. Their crew has not only been kept busy with attacking their backlogs in production and working out how to streamline their processes, they’ve also managed to launch a new product that will bring faster and more efficient boathandling to a growing sector of performance sailing.

One positive outcome of the pandemic pause has been to give boat owners, their families and their friends an opportunity to re-connect with sailing, particularly those accustomed to the rush of chasing results in a busy regatta schedule. The restrictions have given an opportunity to refresh our connection to the sea in a slower, more organic way, with fewer crew now a common feature, and when there is racing it is often offered in formats that are shorthanded or at least with reduced crew. Or sometimes not racing at all, but turning the clock back to when leisure sailing was the norm, either out for the day or weekend, or on extended trips cruising. Read on.