pony up, sucka

What’s that you say, bunky? You wanna watch the America’s Cup on the TeeVee? Well then step right up and pony up $174.99.  Seems a bit outrageous, does it? Well it gets even better – that is just for viewers in The US of A!

We’re pretty sure it’ll be shown most everywhere in the world for free, via different platforms perhaps, but not here in ‘Murica, where there’s a sucker born every minute, and two to take him. Wtf is NBC thinking? Is it that they know no one is going to watch it so they might as well try to fleece the few rubes who will eagerly hand them cash? Isn’t this what advertisers are for, you know like most sports?

But then again this ain’t most sports, especially this go around.  Not too many advertisers are going to spend much on an oddity like this, and one in which nobody knows how good or how fucking disastrous this could be. We of course are putting our money on disastrous, but then again we’re pretty cynical about this entire charade.

But listen, don’t let us tell you how to spend your money.  Maybe it’ll be the greatest (shit) show on earth?

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