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A giant puzzle that takes shape

The work began in January 2019. “  Before defining its geometry, we started by producing a sort of white paper for Banque Populaire IX which, following a breakage, capsized at the Route du Rhum 2018”, explains Gautier Levisse, head of the design office. The new maxi trimaran, signed by the architectural firm VPLP and whose graphics have been designed by Jean-Baptiste Epron, innovates like its load-bearing plans and its foils, two and a half times larger. Team Banque Populaire’s design office got down to designing internally and on site “the majority of systems up to interior fittings”. foils , two and a half times larger. The team Banque Populaire’s design office has set about designing internally and on site

Every aspect of this titanic site requires hours of work and reflection. Gautier attests: “just for the two floats, the central hull and the connecting arms, eighteen months of construction were necessary! “ To assemble this giant of the seas, the skills to bring together are plethoric. Composite specialists, master yachtsmen, engine manufacturers, hydraulics engineers, shipbuilders – each supplier, outside worker and each member of the Team is fully involved. Read on.