yes moore!

We published an earlier story about Moore Sailboats being on the block. It was not entirely correct, and  we  got the story on the Moore situation from Blaine Rorick from Moore Sailboats, Inc., and it adds some clarity and insight to our Craigslist story.  We apologize for not getting all the facts ahead of time.

Moore Sailboats is not for sale. Moore Sailboats, Inc., a different entity building the Moore 33, is neither for sale nor in trouble.

The ad was misguidedly placed by a friend of Ron Moore’s after a dinner conversation during which Ron, discussed the possibility of retiring one day and all that might mean. Ron did not authorize his friend to place this ad.

A business of this caliber and reputation would not resort to a spur-of-the-moment Craigslist ad that contains numerous spelling and punctuation errors, one that includes random unidentified images,  indicates the wrong location, and would certainly not get the name of the company wrong.

It does appear that the owner of the Watsonville property might not renew the lease. In anticipation of this, the company has initiated plans to move production to SoCal. We were going to announce this when the details were finalized.

Plans for the new Moore 33 are proceeding well. Location issues will not affect the production schedule and we remain on track to have the first two hulls launched in the spring of 2021. Ron Moore is the Vice President of Moore Sailboats, Inc., and will be a vital part of the Moore 33’s success.