the white men

We’re likely to see nearly the same thing with the other three (or is it two?) America’s Cup teams, but for christ’s sake, it is not possible to have less people of color on this massive team. And that is because there are none. And would you like to attempt to count how many women there are? No need, we did it for you: The answer is one. As in token. Or maybe there are more, but were told not to worry their pretty little heads over a silly photo op…

Really, this is the message you wish to send? If you aren’t white and don’t have a penis, then fuck off? There was no one of equal talent otherwise? It is total bullshit, insulting to millions (well it would be millions if anybody really gave a fuck about the AC, which they don’t), is a poor look, and sends exactly the wrong message.

Looks pretty racist and misogynist to us. Apparently they didn’t get the message about diversity.

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