separation anxiety

Big Pimpin'

You can never describe it fully to people you meet – it’s your boat, and it’s an extension of your passion and personality. The fact is, you begin to miss it the minute you step off the dock. Thanks to the guys at SD Model Makers , you can now alleviate your separation anxiety by commissioning an incredibly detailed scale model of your boat, right down to the instrument cluster on the pedestal, the winches and cleats!

The commissioning process is straight forward – If you can take photos of your boat, you can have a model made of your boat. It is that simple! Working with photographs and available boat plans, the crew at SD Model Makers will work to create an exact replica model that will bring you continued pleasure, even when you switch from captain’s chair to desk chair.

Model sizes range from 12-inches to four feet on up – you decide on the size or scale!