jump up and jump around

From our Forums, this is the kind of excitement and enthusiasm that this sport simply has to encourage. It has failed in so many ways.

We are so excited to share that we just purchased a new to us 1983 Martin 242 to keep at our local yacht club, while “the necklace” resides in the 1000 Islands almost full time now.  We had done a ton of looking around at everything from a J22 (lots in USA but tough to get into Canada right now), to a J80 (prices still a bit high for us), to a Henderson 30 or a Farr 30 so we could still distance race (too much work for what we want right now).

Anyways, we found “Fast Lane Fever” in Toronto late last week, and in the space of 48 hours, had the deal done, boat emptied out, trailer serviced ( it hadn’t moved in 7 years), and towed it home to our warehouse for some much needed fluff and buff and TLC over the winter.  I can’t believe I hadn’t looked for one of these before it popped up on my radar.

It is EVERYTHING we want and need for a Monday to Thursday little speedster, some Wednesday night beer can racing, and for a good platform for our two 15 year old boys to get out on “their own” keelboat and learn the ropes.  Clean cabin with zero systems, new cushions, good gear and fair to very good sails!  Its’ a wonderful little vessel, and we are very much looking forward to getting her in the water.

Finally, I wanted to give a big shout out to the Martin 242 Class Association, in particular Michael Clements of Vancouver BC.  I have been involved in a number of one design fleets throughout my life, but I have never been made to feel so welcome, so quickly, in my life; and this is from a fleet based 3/4 of the way across the country.  Thank you M242 Fleet!!!!! Title inspiration thanks to House of Pain.

Jump in should you care to comment.