buh bye

Jack Geirhart was removed as the CEO for US Sailing the other day. This brings zero sadness from us. Even though  he tried a half-ass, half-hearted attempt to “work” with us after many years of ignoring us, Geirhart was no friend of SA’s. 

In so many ways, at least from our pov, he represented everything wrong with US Sailing. Out of touch, overly political, misplaced sense of doing the right thing, arrogant, and largely missing the mark on most issues.  All we really have to say is AMF. – ed.

BRISTOL, R.I. (November 13, 2020) – In line with the implementation of the new Strategic Plan and focus on the future, the Board of US Sailing announced today the departure of Chief Executive Officer, Jack Gierhart. US Sailing will immediately embark on a nationwide search for a new CEO. Read more.