what’s missing?

This J/100 is ready to go sailing, like right now. Funny though, there seem to be a few items missing. Well yes and no. Sent to us by EasomĀ  Rigging, they have created something electric. Here’s what was done:

-Fully remote controlled sail controls including:
1. Mainsheet in and out
2. Jib sheet in and out
3. Jib furl/unfurl/jib outhaul
4. Traveller
5. Vang
6. Backstay
7. Outhaul
8. Two speed electric cabin top winches
-Jib boom for easy downwind sailing/ tacking and gybing
-Full underdeck smart autopilot
-2 B&G Displays
-Forward driving position for protection behind dodger and foot buttons on pedestal for trimming the spinnaker (they do sail in San Fran after all)
-Furling headsail mounted on sprit for light wind sailing
-speaker system with LED lights which sync with the LED cupholders
-completely clean deck layout due to all electric below deck sheeting systems.
And here is how you control everything. Now that is trick!