through the looking glasses

Big Pimpin'

I normally don’t do personal endorsements, but Steve Rosenberg from Tajima-Direct (manufacturers of polarized sunglass lenses) wanted me to not only try their lenses out, but also to go through the order process, so I did!

These guys can make lenses for virtually every sunglass frame out there. So once you choose the lenses that you want, they immediately send you a prepaid  box to send your sunglasses back to them and about a week later you get your frames with their polarized lenses. Pretty slick actually.

I sent in my Hobie Boneyard (with Hobie polarized lenses) and I chose the gray non-mirror finish lenses.

No bullshit, these polarized lenses are by far the best I’ve ever used. It is actually startling how crisp everything looks when you first put them on.¬† Glare on the water isn’t even noticeable, the lenses are light and wearing them sort of crystalized my vision.¬† Reading the water is easier to do with these things.

I put on regular Polarized lenses after and the difference was huge, again no bullshit. I learned a lot about lenses reading their material, and after wearing them for a couple months I am totally convinced that these are the only way to go in polarized. – ed.

PS – I then proceeded to lose them in Santa Barbara after shooting this video. What a tosser!