great cape race

Well won’t it be interesting to see if this can get any traction?

The Great Cape Race shall take competitors around the iconic Great Capes. Starting in October  2021, the race shall follow the traditional clipper route round the world, taking competitors around  the three iconic Great Capes. The big ocean legs shall provide the ultimate proving ground for  speed, strategy and mental spirit. 

Eligible boats shall be Grand Prix Racing Yachts over 60ft in length. Boats shall be handicapped  using a modified ORC handicapping system, factoring each yacht’s predicted velocity parameters,  ensuring boats of different designs can race on even terms.  

The focus of the Great Cape Race is to offer a prestigious around the world race for yachts of  different designs that is challenging, tactical and competitive held in a well-managed, safe  environment.  The race shall be open to Grand Prix Race Yachts 60ft and over in length. Crew shall be a minimum  of 4 with no maximum limit. 

The handicap shall ensure that the boat that is the most consistent in sailing as fast as possible  against its design parameters and navigates the best weather conditions shall win. The handicapping system to be used shall be a modified version of the ORC rule. NOR here.