who wants green resin? you do

Big Pimpin'

Sicomin have been in the green resin business for longer than you might think…

There is nothing new in the pursuit of environmentally friendly resins, at least not for Sicomin. Founded in 1983, the composites arm of this French company started creating green epoxies more than 10 years ago.

‘Our interest in green resins started well before it was in fashion,’ explains Sicomin’s president Phillippe Marcovich. ‘We started working with the ski and surf board markets where the end users, who were very much aware of the importance of their playgrounds in the mountains and at sea, already understood the need for environmentally friendly materials.

‘Over time, we proved our green credentials with epoxy products that clearly worked. This helped to create a growing number of customers who understood and believed in what we were doing, which in turn led to us into other areas.’ Read on.