i got my ass kicked

As some of you know, with the help from some of the best people here in Diego, I’ve been getting the Anarchy V into racing shape. Our first race, the CRA Halloween regatta, ended in an unsatisfactory tie for first, with us losing the tiebreaker.  The first ‘big’ series here is the Hot Rum series, a rather bizarre yet captivating 100 boat pursuit start, three race series. We were quite looking forward to going head to head with Wani Racing, the fastest Ericson 35-2 these parts have ever seen.

The first race was this past Saturday, sailed in 12-20 knots of breeze. We don’t have a heavy #1 or a #2 (it just doesn’t blow here enough to justify having expensive sails basically go unused) – we have a used J/105 jib for our #3 – our one and only ‘heavy air’ headsail, exactly like Wani. I got the sail Thurs, set up a single point lead on Fri (didn’t have time to lay down any track), and raced on Sat.

It was a disaster as I completely dropped the ball on rigging an adjustable outboard lead, and we took off on a close reach with a sail that was either over trimmed down low, or under trimmed up high, due to a bad sheeting point Good start, but slower than Wani by a fair bit and fell behind early.

I then called for the A3 on the next leg (failing to know that in just a few minutes we would be squaring to run down the bay) and we rushed to switch to the S1.5, only to blow that too. Now we are minutes behind Wani, with almost no opportunity to catch up. We did put up the #1 for the final beat and were grinding them when the wind was 12-15, but as soon as it picked up a bit, we no longer were.

A weak 4th in class (but a decent 12th overall) was the result, and it is safe to say I mismanaged our chances from the jump. Losing that way really stings, knowing how much better I should have done. Maybe not racing much over the last 8 months didn’t help, but that’s no excuse.

There actually isn’t an excuse, other than I sucked! Onward and upward, as they say…  Results here. – ed.