vitamin v

The Hot Rum Series in San Diego is both the oddest and the hardest series to win. 3 races, 100 boats, pursuit start, huge currents, fluky breeze. If you win this series overall, you were both very good and very lucky.

I’ve won it twice overall, (and a ton of class wins) once in the 90’s steering Doug Peterson’s 41′ Flambouyant, and in 2012 on Anarchy, my FT 10M (only to have to taken from us by some bullshit protest/appealĀ  that didn’t involve us, but it moved a boat up one place, and that robbed us, weeks after the fact.

An odd selection of boats have won this series overall over the years. This blue beauty is a Venture 21, nabbed by an anarchist with a view at winning the series. Don’t laugh, it has happened before… – ed.