that’s the look!

“It is wise to look the part of a yachtsman to a certain degree, and not a boat bum. You might not have two nickels to rub together but if you look like you do, people just hassle you less. I’m serious about this. People are weird.

Truthfully, they’ve got not a little bit of justification. I know the world is full of thieves, and they come in all forms. I doubt I’ve ever met anyone in an expensive yacht who hasn’t stolen the majority of what he owns – truth be known. Yet I know that while behind every rich man stands a devil, behind a poor man there stands two. And the poor boat bum has probably got a lot more interest in my solar panel and my inflatable than the rich bastard might.”

Jerome W. FitzGerald – Sailing with Purpose (2002)

(FitzGerald is an accomplished American sailor, rigger, and sailmaker who enjoys undertaking long solo passages without an engine. His books are crammed with quirky yet valuable practical advice. The title of his last tome sums up FitzGerald’s philosophy: Sea-Steading: A Life of Hope and Freedom on the Last Viable Frontier.)