show of shows

Big Pimpin'

When all boat shows were canceled, we got together and tried to figure out how we can still do something to present new products, interview industry members, and discuss common interest topics. Many key brands, video photographers, and doctors joined the effort to talk about:

a. Skin protection for sailors – Harken Derm
b. Protecting the oceans and artistic underwater photography – Andre Musgrove
c. The color of sailing. Walking the memory lane with Sharon Green
d. New sailing gadgets – Cyclops Marine
and many more (32 in total)

All these were put together in less than 30 days, and with all the limitations on traveling, I think all participants have done a great job presenting their products, stories, and how to turn an idea into a lifetime dream (what Steph Schuldt – How I end up living in the Bahamas),

Every hour (starting at 11 am EST / GMT-4), a new video or presentation will become available for the next three days. I hope you guys enjoy this year’s show: MAURIPRO VIrtual Boat Show