not sailing anarchy material

So every once in a while we get someone asking about working here (people are crazy). We got an inquiry the other day from a youngster wanted to write for us. Okay, why don’t you send me something that you think we’d like, I asked.

A few days passed and I get an email from the kid with his article.  He clearly didn’t read SA, and the piece was written as a fictional first-time sailor setting off on a epic journey, etc. Not exactly our kind of stuff, although we often get accused of writing fiction too!

Anyway, I wrote him back, thanking him but informing him that he wasn’t quite Sailing Anarchy material, as if there is such a thing. I cracked up as I wrote that line, but I have to admit that I borrowed that not “Sailing Anarchy Material” line directly from this book.

Apologies to Adam Carolla!