it’s all a game

Big Pimpin'

The Realsail Team has been working on the development of realsail.net The Offshore Sailing Game for 3 months, working together with many skippers from around the world and defining the most amazing sailing game in the market.

​The main goal of the Realsail Team is “Building Realsail from the ideas of the sailing community and for the sailing community”. This is really important for them and they would like to build this game together with the sailing community.

They think that it is really important to listen to the players, to support them when something doesn’t work and also to add new features recommended by the community.

They are currently working with many skippers, listening to their ideas and working hard to make them possible. Join the Realsail Team on  realsail.net and share your ideas and your desires and they will add them to the game as soon as possible.

If you want to review all the features gathered from the sailing community that will be added to the game, please join the Realsail Team on this link www.realsail.net/features and they will send you the features briefing document of the game.

Good wind skippers!