dc wants to buy a what?

So where has DC been lately? We caught up with him the other day and got this brief update…

DC’s been  been a bit quiet, staying home to be safe during the CV-19 virus epidemic.  Says he is an interested “on looker’ for the up coming America’s Cup, but has no plans to be involved at any level. Locally, he’s has made the decision for now not to race on San Diego Bay, as  it is physically impossible to adhere to the 6′ foot social distancing required by the laws of the SD County Health Department. (although masks make it ok – ed.)

Dennis is actively trying to sell his full scale  America’s Cup model collection of both the Defenders and Challengers Starting from 1851 with he help of Luke Wiggelsworth in Auckland. They would be a great addition to the RNZYS. Or for your trophy room! The “Reliance model is 7 feet tall!

And if you want a bit more than a model, he is also interested in selling his Driscoll designed & built lovely 48 foot wooden sloop “Splendor” (pictured above). She is immaculate. And fast. I know he has listed her with Chris “Snapper” Winnard  @ [email protected].

And here’s the topper: He is interested in buying a Ericson 35-2! I asked him why and he said “because all the cool kids have them”. Now that is funny!  DC said he really wants to duke it out against Benny Mitchell, Chuck Driscoll and myself,  along with at least one other competitive E-35.  Will make for some really great racing!!

Note: The day DC buys a 35 is the day mine goes on the market – haha! – ed.