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World Sailing – Results of the first Round of the Executive Board Elections

The first round of Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections, conducted virtually via the Internet under the control of the auditing firm KPMG, was concluded last Friday, and the interim results were published yesterday. —– The re-running President Kim Andersen DEN and Quanhai Li CHN are qualified for the second round from October 20th to 23rd. Gerardo Seeliger ESP and Scott Perry URU, for most of those close to sailing the best-proven candidates, surprisingly fell by the wayside. A record 127 of the 140 Member National Authorities took part in the election, with none of the four candidates achieving an absolute majority. The election of seven Vice-Presidents from 15 candidates has been completed. The results will be published at the General Assembly on November 1st. The report of World Sailing. —– The big problems in the management of World Sailing, which were discussed several times here and in well-known sailing publications, obviously did not reach those responsible in many countries. —– It is more than unpleasant that a lawsuit pending at the Ethics Commission against President Kim Andersen DEN due to unfaithful management – the presumption of innocence applies – could not be decided before the elections. The ongoing investigations were delayed again and again by Kim Andersen and his lawyers, taking advantage of all legal possibilities. The deadline for final comments is now October 26th … after the decisive second round of voting. Honi soit qui mal y pense! —— Read also a detailed report in SeilMagasinet of today (here the translation.