Devo stands for de-evolution and we may be seeing that come to life here in San Diego. I’m certainly not the first guy to buy an old plastic classic, in this case an Ericson 35-2, but the reasons I chose this boat were not only did it check the boxes of wanting a good looking, narrow (it had to fit in my slip), So Cal older production boat that we could comfortably hang out on, but that Benny Mitchell and Karen Busch had one, Wani Racing, that they were racing with success, so for me, it was a no brainer: Let’s go race against Benny!

Benny had made some changes to his boat’s rig (shortened spreaders, longer E and P measurements) so we did exactly the same thing to Anarchy V. Because of the rig changes, but more from Benny & Co.’s excellent sailing abilities, PHRF San Diego has done a fine  job of screwing the rating on the boat. Ours are the only Ericson 35-2’s on the planet with PHRF ratings of 144 Buoy, 141 RLC and 138 OTW. I’ll have more on that later.

But the story gets better as now Chuck Driscoll has an  Ericson 35-2, (hull #1, the legendary Aquarius) and he too is getting his boat ready (including rig changes). One hears that he has upped the game with an epoxy bottom and dry sail it! Ah, the advantages of owning a couple boat yards…

So that makes three 35’s hitting the start line soon, with a fourth, the oft-sailed 35-2 Cimarron due to join us as well.  I think a bit of a renaissance is a very cool thing, and the hope is that a few more owners of boats like this – and god knows there are plenty – will get the same idea and come out and race. Hell, we could all even have our own class!

Now that’s De-evolution. – ed.