sunny side up?

A great deal of effort has gone into planning the 2021 Caribbean regattas and the organisers are increasingly optimistic about entry numbers. They deserve your support… And you deserve some Caribbean tradewind fun

One of the most remarkable traits of those living in the Caribbean is that when adversity strikes, the result is a common strength of spirit in forging a way forward. This resilience, honed by natural disasters like hurricanes over the years, is as predictable and dependable as the steady trade winds that make the Caribbean one of the world’s best places to race.

This spring, as borders were closed and regattas cancelled in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, organisers of the regions 14 major international sailing events immediately jumped on weekly Zoom calls to discuss how to navigate in the present waters, i.e. helping crews and boats get back to home, and to plan ahead. The result of this collaboration was a collective agreement that there would indeed be a 2021 Caribbean regatta season.

Events will likely have “new normal” in place, as in the rest of the world. However, what will remain the same and in fact take on an even greater focus is the racing itself. What better way to social distance and have fun than in venues like the southern Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea? Read on.