smart power

Big Pimpin'

From long time supporters, Ocean Planet Energy.

With the rising awareness of energy use and conservation, and the expanding demand for power on both day-use recreational and offshore cruising boats, many boat builders and boat owners are turning to alternative sources of power, including solar.  The development of lightweight, marine grade solar panels that can be mounted on canvas, or fully integrated into the decks has made this technology more available to all.

The choice of what panels to install is often straightforward and decided by their size and where/how they can be mounted.  The decision of how to wire the system and choose the best type and number of controllers is more complicated, and is influenced by several factors including – shading and panel configuration; panel voltage, current and wire runs; buck vs. boost controllers; battery type and voltage; temperature sensing capabilities and methods.

You need to consider all the variants of the system to make the best choice for a controller. Read on.