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Here is the latest update from  our advertisers, Tajima Direct.

What does Cam Lewis, Steve Calder, Tom Burnham, Robby Brown, Libby Alexander, Stu Johnstone, and Bruce Cooper have in common? Like many of us, they’re visually impaired and require prescription lenses to correct their vision.  They turn this handicap into an advantage on the water by using advanced polarized lens technology surfaced to their exact power requirements using modern digital prescription lens designs from Tajima Direct to correct their vision, sharpen their view and enhance their breeze reading, while thoroughly protecting the two eyes they were born with.   

As competitive sailors, we obsess over our equipment.  Take sails for example … the sail materials, the designs, their versatility, the set up to achieve proper shape over a range of conditions … all to deliver hi-performance. We even enjoy consulting with our favorite sailmaker to better understand what’s best for us?  What if you had a prescription lens maker who could offer you great personalized service with incomparable industry leading performance lens technology? At half the cost from the usual so-called premium players and optical dispensers. Well, that day has arrived!  

With a few taps on your preferred device, Tajima Direct’s simple, intuitive online ordering process will deliver the sharpest prescription polarized lens technology corrected to your specific Rx, in your favorite frames from any brand. Contact-free.  Delivered directly to your door.  No waiting rooms. No salesman. No crazy price mark-ups, no driving back and forth. Welcome to modern day superior prescription lens technology that makes a visual difference.  All at a fair price.

If you wear Rx on land or for work, then find yourself squinting on the water peering through the glare while being punished by the elements, or wear contacts and wondering what you’re going to do on those distance races, stop compromising yourself, your comfort and performance. Whether you require multi-focal progressive prescription lenses or single vision, upgrade your visual performance with Tajima Direct’s patented Tajima Urethane polarized lens technology, advanced digital prescription lens designs with premium lens coatings (all standard) to further improve performance. For a fraction of the cost of what you’ve been paying. $295 for Single Vision. $395 for Progressive. Non polarized clear Rx start at $235.

The process is as easy as the lens technology is superior. Take your Rx from your eye doc and log onto Tajima Direct. Click on the Rx page. Select your lens type – Progressive or Single Vision. Select your Lens Tint (Neutral Gray or Brown) and your mirror finish if desired.  Input your Rx info or send in a picture or pdf or your valid Rx. Add to cart. Done!  For questions, Tajima Direct offers real-time online chat and the knowledgeable and experienced founders are responsive through email and phone to walk you through the process or assist you in determining the best lens for you. (For more on Best Lens Tints for Sailing).

Whether you prefer frames from brands like Oakley, Ray Ban, Maui Jim, Costa, Kaenon, fashion frames or cheap frames, Tajima Direct Polarized Prescription lenses will be custom fit into your favorite frame, upgrading your vision and delivering the performance your eyes (and brain) have been craving.