doom and unmitigated failure

“The rig of the The Maltese Falcon consists of three free-standing masts, each with five sails in the shape of isosceles trapezoids. It bears a striking resemblance to the rig on the famous old clipper ship Cutty Sark, but modified and modernized – there are no hanging ropes, stays or shrouds. A mechanical system furls up the sails into the masts.

Weighing 25 tons apiece and nearly 20 storeys high, the masts are made of carbon fibre. The material had to be strong enough not only to support the masts’ weight and height but also to withstand moving parts. The carbon was ordered in Japan, then shipped to Turkey where the spars were built in a leased shed. The masts, their sails and the control systems represented an estimated 200,000 man hours of work.”
– Jill Bobrow and Kenny Wooton – Outrageous Yachts (2009)

(The hull of The Maltese Falcon is steel and was built ‘on spec’ in Turkey. The owner spotted a wooden model in the Perini office in Italy and commissioned Gerard Dijkstra & Partners to complete the design. The unique superyacht is 289 feet LOA with a 42-foot beam and 20-foot draft.)

The title Doom and Unmitigated Failure comes from this.