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Seems like a worthwhile effort to give a little love to these guys…

The Dutch yacht builder Joop Doomernik revives the iconic brand Trintella. With a complete new range of sailing yachts, he restart what was stopped in 2003, when Trintella Yachts had to close the doors. According to Doomernik’s philosophy of high-end yacht building, world famous designer Germán Frers designed a range of true gentleman’s yachts. Starting with the breathtaking Trintella 45 and Trintella 50. Exclusive yachts built in the Netherlands with a classic touch and a style that blends high quality crafts- manship, timeless elegancy and great eye for detail.

For the Dutch yard owner with 30 years of experience in high quality yacht building, Trintella goes back to his youth when he became a member of a yacht club in his hometown ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The club resided next to the world famous yacht builder Trintella Yachts. It’s founder, Anne Wever, was still at the wheel and Joop Doomernik witnessed all the beautifully finished Trintella’s leave the sheds and moored in front of the yard in the small lake next to it. This is when Doomernik picked up the idea of one day owning a boat yard himself.