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Big Pimpin'

Advanced instrumentation that just keeps getting better.

The Vakaros Atlas continues to be the top choice for performance sailing, with a series of recent software updates adding powerful new features. The Atlas now includes time-to-line, helping you set up and accelerate at just the right moment to nail every start.

An advanced algorithm learns the performance of your boat to deliver an accurate prediction of when it will reach the starting line, providing the performance of a high-end starting package in a system that can be used on any boat. Maintaining your position in the starting box has never been easier, thanks to a new graphical starting screen.

When paired with an Android or iOS device running the Vakaros Connect app, the Atlas is even more powerful, with customizable settings and live data streaming for crew, tacticians, and coaches.

There’s never been a better time to upgrade to the future of instrumentation. The Atlas is in
stock and available — get yours today!