Big Pimpin'

Fulcrum Speedworks, creator, builder and global dealer of the UFO has bucked the trend of hard times and just keeps getting people high.. in the air. “It’s been an incredibly rough year, but we’ve been perpetually heartened by our new customers. While the world seems to be getting dark, delivering flying machines to so many people starting out on the fun new adventure of learning to fly has been a welcome beam of light. Being busy in the face of rough times is one thing. Being busy and bringing joy to people who really need some source of joy is a whole extra level of satisfaction.

Fulcrum rolled into the fall still booked out four weeks, which is frankly rare for us. Rarer still, as of today, we are suddenly booked out eight weeks. How? We just booked production of another container load of UFOs for Foiling UFO Australia. They have a couple still in stock, so jump on them NOW. The next shipload of boats will be arriving before Christmas. Merry Christmas, Australia!

Jump on the shipload ASAP as well before they sell out. While there are definitely pangs of survivors guilt, I’m proud to say that the Fulcrum family is resoundingly healthy and happy. We’re looking forward to making you a UFO soon so we can put your home movies in New Invaders, Summer 2021.

Love to you all. We can’t thank our awesome customers enough. They are our North Star. ” -Dave Clark, President, Fulcrum Speedworks llc