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Racing was going to be pretty much a write off on western Lake Ontario, Canada for the 2020 season. The provincial guidelines put in place to curb the spread of Covid-19 made hosting regattas nearly impossible. Enter: three yacht clubs (Fifty Point Sailing Club, Bronte Harbour Yacht Club, Royal Hamilton Yacht Club) and a pandemic-ally induced permutation of an already infamous race.

Thanks to the original Three Bridge Fiasco Regatta for inspiration, the Fiasco Regatta on Lake Ontario started in 2018 and took a very special twist to enable racing in 2020. Three yacht clubs, three rounding marks, three start lines = a pursuit race for all to participate. “Fiasco on the Rocks” was topped off with three sequential live awards streams from each of the host yacht clubs to virtually connect participants around the lake – a digital first for the sailing community here.

It’s not perfect and will never replace beers in the cockpit with new friends, but it was a way that we could all get out and race some boats together, safely, before the season ended. More here. – Anarchist Joanna.